Dreamhut Is An Indoor Playhouse And Modern-Day Narnia

Few things are better than getting lost in a world created by our own imaginations. Art work, music, and books facilitate our ability to imagine exciting, mysterious, or magical places—places that can grow with the additional layers of colors and feelings our mind adds to the story. The parents who imagined the Dreamhut have created an interactive, indoor playhouse which coverts ideas into adventures.

On the surface, the playhouse made by Yuhuhugs looks like a piece of furniture. But once the doors are open, your child will quickly discover the interchangeable dreams hiding inside. It’s hard to compete with C.S. Lewis and The Chronicles of Narnia, but seeing the Dreamhut immediately sent me back to my childhood and memories of first reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. But just like Lucy entering the wardrobe for the first time, your child will discover a new world when she opens a Dreamhut.

Yuhu and Hugs are characters created to guide your child to space, the farm, far away magical lands, or under the sea. When you purchase a Dreamhut, your child can choose from one of these four dream scenes, which come as large, removable magnets that adhere to the back, inside wall of each playhouse. “Dreams” not purchased with your Dreamhut can be purchased separately.

Smaller magnetic games and interactive stories with the same theme are also included with each Dreamhut. Yuhu and Hugs need your child’s help to rescue sea creatures stuck in trash or to watch over the farm after several animals escape. These scenarios spark your child’s imagination, but there is no end to what can be made-up in a Dreamhut.

When open and expanded, the Dreamhut holds a lot of spaces to explore. A chalkboard for drawing, a magnetic wall for decals, a foldout shelf for writing, and curtains for privacy are all included. As your child grow and wants to use the Dreamhut for homework or creative projects, part of the ceiling can be removed and placed in the back of the Dreamhut to create a desk. Also included with each playhouse is a built-in shelf support which holds an iPad or tablet—perfect for watching videos, listening to stories, or playing games.

Yuhuhugs wants to be sure your child’s dreams are dreamed in sustainable fashion, so the Dreamhut is constructed with environmentally friendly materials and durable, birch plywood from sustainable forests. The Dreamhut was also designed to hold more than one child and is big enough for a parent to join in too. The Dreamhut is 49” wide x 58” high, though the Dreamhut Mini is several inches smaller in all dimensions.

Kids do not need a fancy box to be creative, but having their own space to escape can help. My daughter tends to tuck herself into a tent or close herself into her bedroom when her imagination is on fire. The Dreamhut is one of those places where a child can feel free to lose themselves in a fantasy or dream. And when the adventures are over, the Dreamhut converts into a slick armoire. The doors may be closed, but modern-day Narnia always waits.