DreamScreen Makes Your TV Totally Awesome

A team of inventors in Boca Raton, Florida, are changing the way everyone in the world watches their tube through unique LED lighting technology.

Called DreamScreen, this technology creates an amazing home theater experience.

This one-of-a-kind LED lighting feature will work with any size flat screen TV and works perfectly too with any HDMI source.

DreamScreen’s smart LED light source simply works in sync with the color pixels on your screen. It reacts to the colors you are watching and backlighting comes from the actual content you see on your screen.

Even better is that this technology will make your TV appear larger, and your favorite TV shows, movies and games will all look bigger, brighter and way better.

See Your TV In A Whole New Light

DreamScreen’s LED strips come in three different sizes: Classic (35-45 inch); Mega (45-65 inch); and Xtreme (65-80 inch).

You get 12 LED strips with Classic, 18 LED strips for Mega, and 24 LED strips with Xtreme.

The set-up is easy: you peel off the adhesive liner from each LED strip and place them on the back of your TV (along the edges on all four sides). Then you connect DreamScreen to the power supply and the LED strips (includes a DreamScreen stick and power connector).

What makes this technology so cool is that it “analyzes on its own the HDMI video and matches the pixel color of what you are watching to the LED lights behind your TV. At a responsive rate of 60 frames per second, DreamScreen brings a new viewing definition in home theatre.”

DreamScreen works with cable setups like Comcast, DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, Xfinity, Dish Network, Verizon FiOS, Satellite, and media players that include Apple TV, ChromeCast, Amazon Fire, Roku, Slinbox, Nexus Player, Wii, DVD and Blu Ray. And this technology can be used with a variety of gaming consoles like PlayStation Xbox.

You can even control its settings with the DreamScreen App on your smartphone through Bluetooth.

And its responsive lighting system also includes a Music Mode Audio Visualizer and Ambient Lighting Mode to make your home or event larger than life. The Music Mode feature allows you to watch responsive lighting dance and flash around to your favorite tunes, and the Ambient Lighting feature provides breathtaking images for your open space.

Ambient light settings include Ocean, Sunset, Twinkle-Twinkle, Pride, Holiday, Enhanced Forest, Fireside, Pop, July 4th and Sweet Valentine.

Picture Perfect

This technology is unique as it offers a whole new entertainment experience. With the picture on your TV more enhanced, your home theater adventure is upped in a big way.

This technology is also great for home décor: you can leave your TV on and put it in Music Mode or Ambient Lighting Mode and you have an array of choices of colorful images, scenes and artwork splashed on your screen for everyone to see.

DreamScreen also reduces digital eye strain and this is good for those who are hooked on watching their TV day and night.

Will this new technology hurt the sales on new flat screen TVs?