Meat The Crazy Dresses Made Out Of Food

Unless you have been hiding under a huge rock for the last few years you will know that, in 2010, Lady Gaga shocked the world when she wore a dress made entirely from meat at the MTV Video Music Awards. This got me thinking, although I'm not sure it should have, about whether there may be any other crazy clothing items made from food. It turns out there is. So take a look, there are some absolute crackers.

The Lady Gaga Meat Dress

Never has there been a more talked about dress, primarily because of the fact that it was made from something which a dress should never be made from. Yes that's right, in 2010, with various cuts of red meat dangling from her torso or wrapped around her shoes, Lady Gaga stepped out at the MTV Video Music Awards and gave a new meaning to the word 'fashion'. 

Crazy! The Lady Gaga Meat DressCrazy! The Lady Gaga Meat Dress

Whilst there has been constant debate surrounding the authenticity of Gaga's meaty fashion choice, one thing is for sure, it got people talking, even if this talk did circulate around the question of whether she should be locked up in a mental home and only allowed one visitor every 6 months. Believe it or not, Lady Gaga's was not the first mind to generate such a crazy concept. So sit back, slap on a jumper made from ribeye, and let's embrace the crazy world of food clothing.

The Bread Dress

This dress was the brainchild of Ted Sebarese, who in 2009 launched his Hunger Pains photo series. The concept? Each model would wear a dress made from a food she was supposedly craving. The result? Many crazy dresses made from food, including an artichoke gown and lasagna shorts.

A human sandwich if you likeA human sandwich if you like

Yep, whilst any mention of clothes made from food would conjure up images of Lady Gaga in her dress made from meat, Sebarese's photo series actually took place in 2009, a year before Gaga stepped onto the red carpet, prompting everyone's jaws to drop, but not before phrases such as 'that nut job is wearing meat' crept out.

The Spring Onion Dress

Whilst I don't think that you will encounter a woman sporting this, or any of the other garments, on a night out, aren't they just fun to look at? As if the picture is not sufficient to explain the concept, this dress is made entirely from spring onions, and as with a few of the dresses on show, came from the mind of Korean artist Yeonju Sung.

Want to wear a crazy spring onion dress?Want to wear a crazy spring onion dress?

If anyone has a guess as to how many spring onions went in to making this I would certainly be curious.

The Eggplant Dress

Eggplant to the Americans, Aubergine to the English, and a dress to....well....psychopaths. This finely crafted ensemble is the perfect choice for a summer garden party or some kind of vegetarian-themed gathering. And what is better than a dress which you can take off and cook at the end of an evening? Even if there are subtle sweat flavors lingering in the background.

Eggplant DressEggplant Dress


The Tomato Dress

In my opinion this is a case of best til last. Also originating from a series by Korean artist Yeonju Sung (you didn't think they were real dresses did you?) the detail and design of this dress really do make it a cut above the rest (no pun intended).

Yes, this can be done with tomatoesYes, this can be done with tomatoes  

With precisely sliced tomatoes giving this dress a sharp and surprisingly elegant look, suffice to say it is the stand out piece from this crazy food-themed clothing collection. Who would have ever thought that a tomato could be turned into this. Ahhhhh the wonders which emerge from the world's most twisted (in a good way) minds.

If there is anyone out there brave enough to sport any article of clothing made from mother nature's finest offering, then we want to hear about it. Let's face it, who wouldn't want to hear about it!