Drieyes Takes the Sting Out of Bathtime Hair Washing

Think back to when you were a kid.  Baths were usually a lot of fun.  There were the bubbles, the floating tub toys, the splashing, and the searing pain as your mom rinsed shampoo down over your eyes...oh wait, that last bit was no fun at all was it?  In fact, it seems to be the reason that many young children go on bath strikes.  The whole experience ends up being a nightmare for the parents as well.

Fortunately, an Australian company has come up with a handy little gadget called Drieyes.  The device is basically a visor that creates a seal around the child’s head while he/she is pressing gently on the handles.  It is meant to shield both the eyes and ears from water and hair products as the hair is rinsed.  The child can stay seated completely upright.  

While fairly simple in concept, it looks to be a very practical gadget that will make bath times a lot more smooth and stress free.  The Drieyes device comes in five bright colors with googly-eye shaped handles.  It also hangs on the side of the tub for easy storage.