Drift Innovation Introduces World's First Wearable HD Action Cam With LCD Screen and Wireless Remote

The HD action cam market has been heating up, what with competitors like the VholdR ContourHD 1080p and GoPro HD Helmet Hero hitting the market over the past year. With those two solid options out there, you might be wondering how much real estate is really left in the HD action cam market. Are there really that many people leaping off of cliffs or kayaking Class V+ rapids that need another camera?

Well, Drift Innovation is setting its new HD170 camera apart with an integrated LCD screen and wireless remote control. The camera shoots 1080p full HD footage and offers a 170-degree wide angle lens for filming. Unlike the aforementioned competitors, the camera features an LCD screen for lining up your shot and viewing footage after it's said and done. So while you're grabbing a beer with the locals afterward, you can show them what you thought of their backyard. 

There are bound to be some slow moments during any great action sequences--flat traverses between ski descents; long, arduous bushwhacking entries to a kayak put-in; slow, tedious uphills leading to that killer mountain biking descent, etc.--so the remote control allows you to quickly start and stop filming so that you'll have less to do on the editing end. 

The HD170 also includes a 300-degree rotating lens, external microphone and night mode for low-light filming. The camera can be mounted to a variety of gear including helmets, goggles and handlebars.

The HD170 will hit the market next month for a competitive $330. You can see video footage from the camera on Drift's Vimeo channel and can get more information on their website. 

Update: The  H170 Camera is now available here.

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