Drink-Up: HidrateMe Is A Smarter Water Bottle

Water – we all need it. It’s good for us. But the problem is many of us don’t drink enough of it.

But a team of inventors out of Minneapolis, MN, have come up with a clever way to get everyone across America - and the world for that matter - to consume more water on a daily basis.

HidrateMe is a first of its kind smart water bottle that connects with your smartphone and tracks your water intake. Once the app and its technology is all linked together  and learns your drinking patterns, the bottle will glow on its own in order to remind you to 'drink-up.'

Drinking water is very important. It can help prevent certain cancers (bladder and colon) and it’s great in keeping us alert and in tune during our daily activities. And it’s a perfect aid in weight loss and most of all helps cleanse the body naturally.

“Drinking water is one of the best things we can do for our health,” says Nadya Nguyen, who is the brainchild behind HidrateMe. “But with daily distractions, millions of people simply forget.”

A Smarter Water Bottle

The bottle is a 24 oz – 710 ml. and is reusable. Made from Tritan plastic, it is dishwasher friendly and its cap is very strong so you don’t have to worry about the bottle leaking.

Inside the bottle are high-tech sensors that monitor how much water you drink throughout the day. The sensors instantly send your drinking patterns to the HidrateMe app. So when you need more water, the bottle lights up on its own. The bottle comes with a rechargable battery, which you can buy at most stores, and lasts for well over a year – even among the heavy drinkers.

There are plenty of neat water bottles on the market, but this one gets top marks for its design: it’s almost like an extension of ‘you’ and it looks futuristic in so many ways, but contemporary at the same time. Its overall appearance, “sleek, elegant and smart,” is very distinct: it makes you want to drink what’s in it… yes, the water.

HidrateMe App: Get Drinking

The free app is neat and interactive as it is also fun to use. Once you download the app you enter in your age, weight and height and the app tactfully calculates just how much water you should be drinking on a daily basis.

And when you fall off track, that is when you cut back on your water intake, the app sends a variety of friendly reminders. The app also allows you to track your water drinking goals.

What’s even more unique about the technology is that the HidrateMe app constantly monitors your location. So this means that it will adjust your water intake notification settings by identifying your surroundings: humidity, temperature and elevation. Now that’s smart water bottle tracking technology.

Will this new smart water bottle technology get people thirsty enough to buy it?

The answer is yes. The price for each HidrateMe bottle is expected to retail at around $49.00 (USD), so it’s more than affordable and the technology will last a long, long time.

And with more and more people realizing the health benefits with drinking more water an invention like this will only continue to grow on the market.

Thirsty yet? HidrateMe goes on the market later this year.

Buy one and drink-up.