Drink Bouncers: In The Business Of Protecting Your Cocktails

When you go out to a nightclub, after a couple of drinks, it can be a big job to keep an eye on your cocktail, so what would you think of drink bouncers to do it for you? Sadly, it might not be exactly what you think (or what I hoped it was), but it will help keep you protected when you're ready to kick back.

Drink BouncersDrink Bouncers

So, imagine this - a roped off secure area with a bouncer to protect your drink at a nightclub when you need to put it down for a trip to the bathroom or to dash outside. Or how about a private drink bouncer for VIPs to constantly keep watch when your glass is placed on the bar to make sure nothing gets slipped in? Pretty cool, right?

Drink CoversDrink Covers

Agreed, but unfortunately, that's not what Drink Bouncers does exactly. Their product will protect your drink by way of a cover that fits most bar glasses, but this company is another innovative marketing brand trying to find their niche and stand out from the crowd. Like the water bottle advertising space for sale we saw recently, Drink Bouncers allows people to advertise on their drink covers alongside the reminder not to drink and drive. They've carved out their own niche, and though they might not really provide drink bouncing services as we might picture them (although that idea is still up for grabs), they still make the grade as an innovative business.

Aug 31, 2009
by Anonymous

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