Drink Mixing Robots Shown Off

drinksdrinksRobots can do a lot of great things. They can diffuse bombs. They can explore the depths of outer space. But, can they make you a good drink? The folks over at Coke and Bacardi are working to create a robot mixologist. MIT’s Senseable City Lab, based in the city of Cambridge, is working to make a robot who can give you your drinks just the way you like them, made with millimeter precision.

The system uses about a 100 different types of drinks and flavors to make the mixes, resulting in 1000's of possible combinations of drinks. So if you want brandy with pineapple juice and grenadine you will be able to order it with this bartender with the help of an app. It beats the chances of getting the bartenders attention on an average Saturday night.

Now, you just need a robot that can tell your troubles to. And maybe one to warn you about that girl at the end of the bar. Sadly for now if you want to see one in action you are going to have to check it out at a conference. It is not in use yet.

Source: GigaOm
Image: Morgue File