Drink A Zima, Kiss A Celebrity!

Remember Zima? You will now... a new campaign by Zima Japan offers fans of the alcoholic drink a chance to kiss the soft silicone lips of a hot female celebrity while sipping a cool Zima.
"Attach... Drink... Imagine..." I couldn't have made this up if I tried, but Zima Japan's upcoming promotional campaign offers drinkers a chance to lock lips with a tasty trio of female celebrities.

Well, sort of - the lips are silicone copies of the actual models' lips, and are included with bottles of Zima wrapped in plastic and looking a lot like condoms. I'm sure the resemblance is not exactly accidental.

The three "idols" participating in the promotion are Aya Kiguchi, Yukina Kinoshita and Yutaka Teshima.

Each one pressed their lips into a special mold from which a multitude of silicone copies can be made at factories in China. The lips come in pale pink, warm peach and deep magenta. Giggity!

The silicone lips are then sealing in a printed plastic package along with an illustrated instruction manual that teaches the buyer "How to Kiss a Zima," because "Zima's taste is kissing taste". Who knew?

As the images show, the lips are supposed to be slipped onto the neck of a Zima bottle just below the top, so that they nudge up against the raised flange. That's hot... or creepy... or hot AND creepy.

As one drinks from the bottle, just close your eyes and think whatever comes to mind. That's not my suggestion, it's Zima's: "Attach... Drink... Imagine..." (via Gigazine