Drinking Coffee May Shrink a Woman's Breasts

Three cups a day keeps the breasts shrinking awayThree cups a day keeps the breasts shrinking away

A new study shows that drinking three cups of coffee a day may shrink a woman’s breasts.

Scientists studied around 300 women, asking them about their breast measurements and how many cups of coffee they drink per day.

They found that drinking just three cups of coffee per day was enough to make the breasts shrink, even increasing the risk as more cups of coffee were consumed.

“Drinking coffee can have a major effect on breast size,” said Helena Jernstroem, a lecturer in experimental oncology at Lund University in Sweden. “Coffee-drinking women do not have to worry their breasts will shrink to nothing overnight. They will get smaller, but the breasts aren't just going to disappear. However, anyone who thinks they can tell which women are coffee drinkers just from their bra measurements will be disappointed. The problem is that there are two measures for a bra, the cup size and the girth, so you wouldn't be able to tell.”

While that news may be saddening to some, on a more positive note the researchers also found that drinking caffeine can help to cut the risk of developing breast cancer.

Scientists say that estrogen is affected by coffee because a woman’s metabolism can be changed by some substances in coffee, thereby lowering the risk.

Shrinking breasts? I wonder what my problem is because I don’t drink coffee at all. Maybe drinking coffee would have an opposite reaction on me, what do you think?


Source: dailymail

Oct 25, 2008
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Shrinking Breasts

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