Drinks That Jump Across Counters: Great Idea?

It takes only one drink to get me drunk. The trouble is, I can't remember if it's the thirteenth or the fourteenth.”~ George Burns

United States Patent #5678617 is an invention that involves a novelty device with a hidden control that is installed in a bar or counter. When a patron orders a drink, the bartender or host places a drinking glass upon a designated location on top of the bar and, unbeknownst to the patron, activates a hidden control. The drink then seems to hop from some remote spot on the bar and take one or more leaps, ultimately landing in the patron's glass. This may or may not seem fascinating; depending on how many drinks the patron has or has not imbibed prior to the experience.


The bar top is a horizontal surface, which is supported by at least one vertical leg and is adapted for seating and used as an eating and drinking surface. This Jumping Drink Bar Device was obviously the brainchild of someone who had one too many. Perhaps the thought was to duplicate the common surroundings of restaurants and some bars located in homes that provide an apparatus for mixing different drinks.

This apparatus frequently includes a Co2 container for creating pressure and a variety of mixes including Ginger Ale, tonic, Seven Up, Coke, etc. to be supplied upon pressing an appropriate control. The effect of this Co2 container is to cause the leaping drink effect to be lighted, and for that light to follow the drink along the bar and then leap into and light up the patron's glass. The mechanism can be built for one leap along the counter, or two or three or even seven.

In every bar in the world, everyone is asking one question about the jumping Drink Bar Device: Why?

Other inventors have thought in both moments both sober and otherwise, about clever things to see, do and wear while drinking. Consider Elizabeth’s Valeri’s piece, “Great Invention Idea? Get Your St. Patrick's Day Party On With These 3 Patents!” and my piece, “Mohawk Drink Hat: One For The…Warpath?

As far as I am concerned, I will reserve all hops for leap years and occasional visits to my friend’s house that has several rabbits as pets!