DrinkSavvy: Innovative Product Line Focused On The Prevention Of Date Rape

Date rape is a serious issue, and it affects people of all ages and both genders. For the past couple DrinkSavyDrinkSavyof decades, women have been warned about the risks of leaving their drinks unattended at parties and bars. The result of not closely guarding a drink could be an unpleasant drug trip, and undesired sexual relations. While women can of course try and keep an eye on their beverages, those that really want to find a way to slip a date rape drug into a drink have developed sneaky ways of accomplishing their mission. It is for this reason that DrinkSavvy has chosen to focus on creating products that help men and women alike detect date rape drugs in their drinks.

DrinkSavvy's first product in development is a straw that will change color when a date rape substance is present in a person's drink. The major issue with date rape drugs is that they are colorless and odorless, meaning they are virtually undetectable.  Sure, women can monitor their drinks, but sexual predators have carefully honed tactics that allow them to get away with the application of a substance to a victim's drink. There are also practically unavoidable scenarios were party-goers just have to take their eyes off of their cups - even if only for a second. Unfortunately, this is all it takes.

DrinkSavvy has been working on raising awareness, funds, and developing the technnology for their product line. Straws are set to be released first, followed by glasses. These items will help decrease the likelihood of sexual assault at social events, so while DrinkSavvy does not expect to have their items on the market until 2014, they are worth waiting for!