Drive Thru Legal Help In Conneticut

Drive thrus offer the ultimate convenience to individuals. They accommodate a society that wants to move as little as possible, so it only makes sense that a business with a drive thru window would have a leg up on the competition! The latest might surprise you..or not, because some in their industry will do anything to make a buck!

A Connecticut law firm, Kocian Law, actually moved into a location that already featured a drive thru window, but rather than sealing it up, they decided to take advantage of it and offer a drive thru service. When you think of consulting a lawyer, you may not expect to do it through an open window. But, since this firm claims that they deal with a lot of personal injury cases, maybe it's true that they are offering greater convenience.

What do you think? Should certain professional services have a higher level of, well..professionalism? Or is this business on to something good?

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Oct 25, 2010
by Anonymous

Must for the US alone

For all Law firms req forms alone for Court Use?
Select, Niche Law Firms??

Viable & doable, need driveby window office kiosk to Recive docs, then Courier to take to Court or Law firm offices Hqs.

Nice idea.