Drivemocion LED Car Sign Tells Tailgaters To Hightail It

From digit to digital: the Drivemocion LED Car Sign from ThinkGeek takes the time-honored act of giving other drivers The Finger into the 21st century.

This compact remote-controlled LED car messaging sign  can display any one of 16 messages or faces, allowing you to keep your own face pointed safely straight ahead.

Since a single extended finger can only say so much, ThinkGeek has taken a page from an old Matt Helm spy flick... you know the one, where Dean Martin (as Helm) sends messages to a following vehicle via his Thunderbird's taillights.

The Drivemocion's messages are red as well, and are just small enough to be read by some ignoramus who's following you too closely. Which is the whole point.   

The 6.5” wide Drivemocion (or Drivemotion – ThinkGeek uses both spellings) affixes to the inner surface of your vehicle's rear window via a suction cup and is operated via a remote control. By inputting various code combinations, the device will flash stylized emoticons accompanied in some cases by text messages such as BACK OFF, BYE, DUMB ASS and HAVE A NICE DAY. Hilarity (and enhanced road rage) will surely ensue!

Order your Drivemocion LED Car Sign online direct from ThinkGeek; check out more info, pricing and hundreds of user comments at the ThinkGeek product page.