Drizly: Liquor Delivery Business Hopes To Go Mainstream

How many times have you found yourself sitting by the fire on a cold winter's night, wishing you had Bailey'sDrizly AppDrizly App to put in your hot chocolate, but dismiss the idea since you have already changed into your favorite cow pajamas? Liquor, like coffee, is one of those things that we all proclaim we wish would appear through a delivery service, and a new concept has been introduced to Boston and New York residents.

Drizly is a service that will get the alcohol part to your door, though you may have to venture out yourself if it's coffee you desire. But you know that's what you'd pick too given those options, so you know you're still impressed. While we all desire access to delivery services, and some do exist, Drizly's goal is to make the concept mainstream so more than just a lucky few can have spirits show up on their doorstep.

Their business model Drizly is attempting to follow is similar to that of another large conglomerate - Amazon. They don't stock their own liquor, instead, they are partnering with local US liquor stores. Drizy keeps a running inventory of the stock and product available to ensure that customers can place orders seamlessly.

They have their own smartphone app which offers a simple retail interface. You order, they deliver within 30-60 minute, and you can get your drink on! While this business concept may not be the most exciting one ever featured here, its innovation comes from the fact that they have set their sights high, and we will have to watch and see if they will in fact become the Amazon of alcohol.

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