The Droid "Cash For Clunkers" Deal For iPhones

With the heightened buying frenzy surrounding the launch of Google's new smartphone, the Droid, it was no surprise that someone would piggyback off of the hype! While Google conducts first-time TV advertising, Flipswap, a trade-in service aggressively jumped into the foray with a unique offer to swap cash for your old 'clunky' iPhones. (Where was the Administration on this one?)

Not since the PC vs. Apple wars, has any product campaign seen a scramble of this magnitude to capitalize on a roll-out.

Flipswap, presenting their pitch based on altruistic motives, labels themselves a 'green recycler.' This is apparently to take some of the sting off of their predatory motives. Flipswap wants you to believe that by trading in your iPhone you will actually help to save the planet?

Another pitch reads...

Like, if the Droid was never a consideration, you might actually think of dumping your iPhone into a landfill?

The actual deal Flipswap is offering is this. You can get your Droid free, if you trade in your iPhone by November 30, and use the promo code "getdroid." Flipswaps promises you as much as $450 for you iPhone, plus a guaranteed $25 bonus credit with a Droid proof of purchase.

Even the original iPhone, now two years old, will get you $100. According to a USA Today report, "that’s enough to help offset, or even cover, the cost of breaking your contract with AT&T, exclusive U.S. distributor of the iPhone, and buying a Droid. The device costs $99-$199 with a two-year contract."

“Instead of sticking your iPhone in a drawer or throwing it in the trash, you can turn it in and get cash,” says a spokewoman Kathleen Stuart.

Droid Cell PhoneDroid Cell PhoneStuart says Flipswap is not working with Verizon, which is going after iPhone users with gusto. Verizon confirms that, but says it welcomes the recycling help. “We’re glad they’re helping to keep iPhones out of landfills,” says Verizon spokesman Jim Gerace.

So, if you want to get caught up in the whole "Droid Mania" you're welcome to jump into the fray. My only thought here is if Flipswap is truly being so altruistic why is their target iPhones, the Droid's major competitor. Yes, they will also recycle other smartphones in exchange, but the iPhone is what they're really targeting! Perhaps because there are some substantial incentives from Google to do so?  Amazing promotional approach... if you don't read between the lines!

Nov 7, 2009
by Anonymous

Expand Cash for market

Expand this to

ALL Celphones (esp dated ones)

Wireless phones

PCs (esp dated ones).

TVs & Stereoes

Classic & Muscle cars?

NFL merchendise.

Office equip.


Club, etc Memberships- Take over membership for Pvt clubs, etc. for Reduced Fee.

Exotic cars- swap your Ferrari for a basic 2009 Camaro?



Mens magazines- Playboy, Penthouse?


Golf gear.

Homes, Rentals, Vacation Homes?