Drone Technology To Be Used By Farmers


When you think about Drones, the odds are good that you consider their military applications. After all we have seen the videos of soldiers throwing up drones into the air in order to stalk the enemies position. The odds are good that you have not given the implications of drones in farming much consideration. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been given the OK by Congress to pick out six test sites for the use of farming drones. The sites, which are all going to be in Venture County California, will be used for the testing of the unmanned aerial vehicles (AEV's) for farmers.

Drones have, in the recent past, but used as a safer and more cost effective way of spraying pesticides over the crops in some locations. After all taking the humans out of the equation does lessen the long term risks associated with exposure to commercial pesticides, such as possible neurological damage. The new drones could, in the future, also be paired with censors that would help to detect which areas of the crops are dehydrated and perhaps even which parts of the fields are exhibiting signs of ripeness. The sensors won't replace the judgement of a farmer, but it just may help him to get the job done more effectively.

Source: PacBizTimes
Image: MorgueFile