Drones And Jets – Russia’s Latest New Military Technology Advances

Russian Innovation Day Fair in Moscow in 2013 certainly didn’t disappoint the public or private sector groups supplying advanced military technology. In all, over 250 organizations turned out to display their wares for all to see.

A new drone was unveiled, dubbed “Raven-333”, that appears similar to a remote-controlled helicopter, yet carries both an assault rifle and grenade launcher in its arsenal.

Military jet manufacturer, MiG, also showed off a new drone prototype that acts as an unmanned stealth aircraft.
Source: RT NewsSource: RT News
But does this really matter if Russia is only engaged in the maintenance of internal conflicts? After all, the Russian military technology will remain inside the borders, right?

Maybe, but with Russian authority’s recent vehement defense of the regime in Syria, conveniently opposed to the stance of the United States government, it is anyone’s guess. President Putin has proudly defended the Assad regime, and is engaged in a $5 billion weapons contract with the current President of Syria, supplying his loyal soldiers with the firepower needed to crush a rebellion.

It could also harken back to the days of never-ending proxy wars between the two former superpowers, with an added twist - while both the United States and Russian governments may be averse to putting boots on the ground in the event of an international military intervention, they may certainly find less opposition to placing unmanned vehicles in the heat of battle And as Mr. Putin has announced clearly that he and the Russian government abhor the possibility of forced regime change in this volatile state, no one can predict the future of the conflict, especially with the presence of these new, potentially devastating inventions.

Right now, these technological innovations are nothing more than bragging rights for the leader of the former Soviet Union. But upon provocation, they could turn into a more deadly force when placed in the hands of a madman.

Source: RTNews and NPR

Sep 30, 2013
by Anonymous

New arms race in airpower

New arms race in airpower alone.
along with cyberwar.
Cold War 2 with Russia.