Drool-Worthy Shoes By Robert Tabor Are Inspired By Food!

There are lots of shoes out there that are definitely drool-worthy, but typically it's not because they get your appetite going, it's because they are just so gorgeous. There's a new line of shoes that has a bit of a different inspiration and it's usually reserved for your dinner plate, not for fashion.

Designer Robert Tabor has created these shoes that also happen to be pieces of sculptural art. It might usually be the sky-high heels and glitz and glamour that gets you drooling over footwear, but this line will give you a whole new reason to do so! If you decide to wear a pair of these shoes from the line then you'd just better keep your eyes up if you've missed a meal, or you might just be tempted to nosh on your inedible, though delicious looking sandwich, spaghetti or cherry pie shoes!

Robert Tabor Food ShoesRobert Tabor Food Shoes

 Sinfully Sweet Pie ShoesSinfully Sweet Pie Shoes

Via: Urban Socialite