Drop the Computer: HP Web Printer

The new HP Photosmart Premium with Touchsmart Web is the world's first web printer. Able to connect via Wi-Fi, the printer enables the user to print directly from the web without needing a computer to bridge the gap. A 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen provides a template for website navigation. With a few quick flicks of the finger you'll have the image or document you need in hand. The printer is also a fax machine and scanner. In addition to quick, web printing it can print from Wi-Fi-enabled computers, iPhone, iPod Touch and Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Taking a cue from iPhone and other smart phones to follow suit, the printer offers a series of "apps" to allow the user to easily connect to HP services. Some of the first apps offered are through  websites like Google, Fandango and USA Today. Additional apps will be available for download through HP's website.

At first blush, this really appears to be a cool piece of technology, but after thinking about it a bit more, it's not overly exciting. How often have you ever needed to print something when you weren't using a computer? How many times have you ever wanted to view and print a website on a four-inch screen? Probably not that often on either account. But, if you dig, it will be available in the fall for around $400.

What do you think: cool, new printer worth buying or not-so-useful, overhyped product soon to be discontinued?

Wired via Gadget Crave

Jun 24, 2009
by Anonymous


I have a HP Deskjet F380 & any software glitches, show up ON HP.

Its 2 damn "sensetive" to software
NOT Robust.

& now add this Super Printer.

Hey HP do do more R&D 1st.