DropTag Makes Shipping Tracking Easier


Did you ever order something online, maybe something delicate or expensive, and when it comes to your porch the box has a suspicious sort of a dent on the bottom? The kind of a mark on the box that shows that it has been unceremoniously dropped. Of course if you can't prove anything then you are going to have to open the box and hope that if something is wrong there is a warranty.

A new device called DropTag, which can be used for shipping or your luggage when you go on a trip, will allow you to figure out exactly that. The device, made by Cambridge Consultants is design to be a low cost alternative to the kind of shipping tracking devices meant for large scale orders. The recently announced device costs about $2 a unit.

"The explosion in Internet shopping has led to a huge increase in the number of parcel deliveries," said Tom Lawrie-Fussey, business development manager at Cambridge Consultants in a release put out by the company. "But we're probably all guilty of signing for a delivery on our doorstep without taking the time to unpack the items to check that the contents are in good condition. We're then faced with the hassle of having to arrange the return of any damaged goods."

The device will be shown off at Hannover MESSE, April 8-12.

Source and Image Source: Cambridge Consultants