Drunken Butterfly Master: Paul Villinski's Beer Can Art

beer can butterfliesbeer can butterflies

As the classic adage states, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." New York artist Paul Villinski takes this sentiment and runs with it - or flies, I should say - into the beautiful realm of winged sculptural installations made from found beer cans. Moving from a serene state of inner zen to craft delicate and life-like butterflies from last night's aluminum refuse, Villinski precisely snips away at these metal pieces to truly bring new meaning to the term "metamorphosis." He claims that each one is as individual as a snowflake, carrying lasting impressions of environmental street traffic and their personal history with them through their transformation. The rather harsh medium of a plebian can of Bud Light only serves to highlight the sharp contrast of the ethereal quality and shimmering movement produced in the final product. Trembling at the slightest breeze, entire flocks of these recycled butterflies encourage one to explore ideas of magical realism as well as simply serving as a gorgeous, moving statement.

"Wish II" shadow play"Wish II" shadow play

new spinnew spin

Villinski's long history includes dabblings in several other types of media ranging from gloves to records, with installations in private homes and countless museums. His work is currently represented at Morgan Lehman Gallery in New York, and he was recently showcased at the CA Boom exhibition in Santa Monica. Check his website for further information on upcoming and current exhibitions.

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