Drying One's Toenail Polish While Driving Is Fine In China

Make that “A Fine”... as an innovative Chinese woman caught red-handed, er, footed while air-drying her freshly-applied toenail polish while attempting to drive must now pay the price. In her defense, maybe she had to be at the gym in 26 minutes.

According to the Wuhan Evening News, a man (surnamed Hu) driving to work at around 7:30am one morning noticed a small purple car ahead of him being driven erratically, as if the driver was lost. Upon maneuvering his own vehicle closer, he spied the driver's hand cocked through the driver's side window at an odd angle... could this person be in distress?

As the male driver got closer and thoughtfully switched on his dash-cam to record the scene, it became clear what he assumed was a hand was actually a foot sporting shiny black toenail polish! “Obviously, she (a woman wearing “big sunglasses”) was drying her just-painted toenails,” stated Hu to the newspaper reporter.  

While he was at it, Hu (an overly-obsessed bud-inski and busybody, it would seem) offered the Wuhan Evening News a still image from his dash-cam's recorder that displayed the woman's license plate number.

The reporter relayed the info to the local police, who were able to track down, confront, fine the vehicular fashionista 200 RMB (about $32.25) and deduct two demerit points for threatening road safety. Lord only knows what would have happened if she hadn't been stopped before attempting to dry the nails on her OTHER foot, possibly using the passenger-side window. (via Xinhuanet and Sexton Ford Sales)