DSquared Skeleton Dress: Fashion Morticia Adams Would Die For!

If you're still contemplating what to wear to one of this weekend's Halloween parties, you might consider a fashion creation that is both classy and creepy! Believe me, what you're about to see is a Halloween masterpiece that even Morticia Adams would die for!

DSquared Skeleton GownDSquared Skeleton Gown

The DSquared Black Skeleton Dress is a gown perfect for the season. The front of the dress is slinky while offering modesty with a high neck and long sleeves. The front does seem inspired by Adams Family favorites, but it's really the back that makes this Halloween fashion extra special! The dress boasts an open back with a glittery, glamorous skeleton that is sure to be the ice breaker in many conversations (that or the copious amounts of Halloween-inspired Bloody Mary's you consume at the party)! It's glam enough that you don't need to feel like you're playing dress-up this Halloween, and yet, you can still provide your own sexy scare factor!

Morticia Adams Dress?Morticia Adams Dress?

Via: HighSnobette