Dualbrella: The Umbrella Solution To Spring’s Greatest Woes

Spring is here, and that whole April shower thing is happening for those who are lucky or unlucky enough to experience the climate that brings rain, rain and more rain. It's fun for a while with the opportunity to break out the fun rain coats, boots and umbrellas. But while umbrellas can act as a great fashion accessory, they can be impossible to navigate with when walking, so here is a must-have this season.


If you're trying to walk side-by-side down the street with a friend or partner, sharing an umbrella is pretty much impossible; someone is sure to get wet. If you each take your own separate umbrellas and boycott the romanticism of sharing, you end up playing a game of bumper umbrellas, plus you're a serious force to be reckoned with when others try to pass you on the street. Good news though if you want to get cozy and you don't want to be that jerk, because this is something pretty cool and functional.

It might not be the most fashionable, but how funky is this? It's pretty much just two umbrellas in one, simple, yet effective. Betcha wish you thought up this one, huh? Get cozy, and reap a little less havoc on the sidewalk with the Dualbrella!  (Buy here)

Apr 11, 2010
by Anonymous

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