Duck & Cover! The USB Doomsday Device Hub Will Blow You Away!

Ever get that little hankerin' to mess around with a doomsday device?  Just to see what would happen?  Though if it truly did work, you'd not be around to see the results...

So, I'd recommend the next best thing: the USB Doomsday Device Hub.

While I'm reasonably certain that you can't cause any real damage with this gadget (well... if you throw it across the room, you could possibly break something or poke someones eye out), I do know that it makes for an interesting four port USB hub.  It attaches to your computer via a forty-six inch USB cable (included).

But you don't want to hear about that.  You want to know what sort of cool, whiz-bang features this little whopper has.

As with a real doomsday device (I would assume, having only seen them in movies), it takes a few steps to activate.  Don't want to make blowing up the world too easy, right?  First you activate switch one; then you move on to switch two; and finally you slip a key (included) into the key switch.  When all three switches have been activated in the proper order, the device "arms" itself-as indicated by a glowing red light.

With luck you'll never have to press the shiny red button.  But if you have to I'd recommend hiding under your desk.  You know-the ol' Duck and Cover safety routine that we were taught to keep us safe from a nuclear explosion...  If you don't remember, here's a refresher course:

Oh, yeah!  It comes in a really cool box as well:

You can get your own USB Doomsday Device Hub at Think Geek.
(Update: This item is longer be available. You can see what Think Geek has replaced it with here.)

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