Dumbell 1/2 Keeps You And Your Home Decor Looking Good

Sometimes, when buying a set of dumbbells for in home workouts, people don't consider that they'll have to find a place to store them when not in use. Dumbbells are fairly unattractive, so you want to keep them out of eyesight. With the Dumbbell1/2, not only will you get a functional, re-designed dumbbell, you'll get a piece of workout equipment that isn't an eyesore.

Dumbbell 1/2Dumbbell 1/2

Designer And Design

HyeonChoel Lee, from Seoul, South Korea, specializes in industrial and product design. The products he designs are a combination of modern and functional, each with a purpose to make life easier while maintaining a level of style.

Considering the traditional design of the dumbbell, he decided that there was a style and design flaw--dumbbells are ugly and don't really fit neatly into any space. So, he started working on a new design that wouldn't have to be hidden away somewhere, when not in use, and would be more functional. What Lee did was sort-of cut in half a traditional dumbbell and then give it some sleek lines and a stylish makeover.

Take a look at the Dumbell 1/2. You'll see that these aren't the traditional hex or round dumbells that you want to hide under your bed or in a closet when you're done using them. They don't even look like dumbbells. You could leave these stylish tools in the middle of your living room and they would probably blend in nicely with your decor. 

Traditional Dumbbell Cut In HalfTraditional Dumbbell Cut In Half


The "cut-in-half" design of Dumbbell 1/2 also gives the dumbbell more functionality. Unlike round dumbbells, Dumbbell 1/2 will lay flat on the floor. This allows you to be able to use them as a push up bar, giving you more range of motion in your push ups, and so hitting the pecs a little harder. 

Dumbbell 1/2 also features neodymium magnets, which allow you to connect two dumbbells and so add more weight to whatever exercise you're doing. So with Dumbbell 1/2, you can do push ups with more range of motion and any dumbbell exercise (curls, presses, lat raises, rows, etc) with either one dumbbell (low resistance) or two dumbbells (higher resistance). 

Dumbbell PushupsDumbbell Pushups

Single DumbbellSingle Dumbbell

Double DumbbellDouble Dumbbell

Right now, Dumbbell 1/2 is just a concept, but I think it is a wonderful one. Combining style and function in any product is a great idea, but this idea lends itself to a number of possibilities. No longer would a set of dumbbells in your home be something you'd have to hide because they don't fit your decor.

And with the "cut-in-half" design, you wouldn't have to purchase as many dumbbells. If they were to come in different weight increments, you'd only need a few sets and you could mix and match to suit your resistance needs. Here's to hoping something comes out of this concept.