Dump Truck Trikes Are Mini Mighty Motorcycles

“Cargo Tricycle” might sound like a Tonka toy kids would love to find under the Christmas tree but in many parts of the developing world, fathers are the ones who work these mini mighty motorcycles.

The vehicles certainly look a little odd to western eyes (think Hell's Angels meets Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel) but they're both common and practical outside Europe and  North America. One of the largest manufacturers and exporters of motorcycle dump trucks is Huajun Motor Tricycle Manufacturing Co. Ltd., located in the National Motorcycle Industrial Park near Chongqing Airport.

Founded in 1995, HMTM works from a 30,000 square meter assembly plant supplied by 20 spare parts plants. Employing between 1,000 and 2,000 full-time staff, the company boasts the capacity to build more than 500,000 engines and 200,000 cargo & passenger motor tricycles annually. The company's motto is “Good quality makes you go farther in the successful road of a thousand miles. And the strong loading capacity can meet driving on the bad road need.” Seems legit!

As a typical example of this type of vehicle, let's take a closer look at the WaterCooled Three Wheel Cargo Motorcycle depicted here in blue, though it's also available in red, green, yellow, or black. The gas-engined, 410kg (unloaded) trike, er, truck... trike-truck? is designed to cruise at speeds up to 60 km/h. The 150cc, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder engine is water-cooled and is rated at 14kw at 6,000rpm.

Could vehicles like the Cargo Tricycle ever catch on in countries where the term Dump Truck conjures up images of hulking Mack monsters and enormous mining trucks weighing several hundred tons? They sure could! Though the Hoffman Crew and the Dakota Boys might shrug off the Cargo Tricycle like a pesky Alaskan black fly, for smaller-scale builders and contractors they could fit the bill perfectly. (via HMTM and OLX)