DuneCraft Kits Easily Transform Desktops Into Exotic Gardens

Whether you’d like to cultivate a desert’s worth of beautiful cacti, a meadow of sweetly scented flowers or a crop of carnivorous plants, DuneCraft has an incredible gardening kit for you!


The creative horticulturalists at DuneCraft have developed a wide range of bizarre plant-based goodies that anyone can grow and enjoy, regardless of how green their thumbs are. Take their LED Cubes for example: Each cube contains 15 specialized LED lights to stimulate and replace natural sunlight, while giving the user the ability to shine red (to stimulate flowering) or blue (to promote foliage growth) LED light bulbs onto the plants to promote the desired effect on the garden.


There are currently four LED Cube kits available from DuneCraft: Carnivorous Plants (includes venus flytraps and sundew seeds), Mini-Meadow (variety of wildflower seeds, Tropical Jungle (China doll, lobelia and polka dot seeds) and my personal favorite, the Cactus Garden featuring an assortment of five species of healthy succulents. As someone who has nurtured a thriving cacti garden in his backyard, I think these Cubes are a fantastic way to instill the feelings of accomplishment and pride of growing a thriving garden from tiny seeds.


Not only are these outlandish and lovely plants easy to grow with the aid of the included instruction manual for first-time gardeners, but the  LED light is powered by a USB cord that can be plugged into your office computer or phone charger for easy access that doesn’t take away from your already crowded power strip. The icing on the cake is that all LED Cubes are built and assembled in the United States. USA! USA! USA!


If you’d like to start your own LED garden, just scroll down to see the handy list I made leading to all four DuneCraft kits at Amazon.com. Have fun, office farmers!

Source: DuneCraft

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