The Dunk Mug Makes Cookie Dipping Effortless


Milk and cookies, tea and cookies, coffee and cookies, hot chocolate and cookies – they are all fantastic combinations, but if you are not situated near a table it can be difficult to balance your delicious duo.  What is a person to do?  Do you forgo the beverage?  The cookies?  Banish the thought!  Now you can comfortably enjoy both at the same time even if you are cruising around the room.

The Dunk Mug is a very clever idea, combining a traditional mug and an easily accessible resting spot for your cookies.  The mug portion obviously holds your beverage of choice, while the half-open shelf underneath is perfect for holding a short stack of cookies.  Of course, the cookies need to face away from the user so that they don’t fall out when it is time to take a drink, but because the mug comes in both right and left handed versions all lovers of cookie-dunking are covered.

This mug would make a really cute gift for adults and kids alike.  I was thinking it could even be used to sneak a few cookies past your kids or spouse, as long as the cookie side is either facing inward or covered by your hand as you pass.  I am evil; I know!


Sep 5, 2010
by Anonymous

Nice idea : )

Nice idea : )

Sep 6, 2010
by Kim Patterson

I know

I love it too!  I wish I had thought of it :)