DUO: Vehicle Name Stands for Doesn't Use Oil, but Does It Exist?

DUO by Myers Motors: Gasoline and Oil FreeDUO by Myers Motors: Gasoline and Oil Free

Electric vehicles are nothing new these days, but how about a 3-wheeled, 2-passenger vehicle that doesn't require gas OR oil?  What's more, it's available to the public (supposedly) next month, although you can pre-order one now.  Myers Motors is proud to present DUO ("Doesn't Use Oil"), a follow-up to their single-passenger trike - NMG ("no more gas").  Creative names aren't what this company is known for (along with meeting deadlines).

Myers Motors: Creater of the NMG and now the DUOMyers Motors: Creater of the NMG and now the DUOMyers contends that it is the only company who both produces and delivers affordable, highway speed, all-electric vehicles in the United States.  According to their mission statement, "Myers Motors is dedicated to providing creative, innovative, functional, responsible, and fun alternative forms of transportation to meet the desires of our customers and the needs of our world."  

The DUO isn't quite considered a car (though, I've likely referred to it as such throughout this post), but rather an electric motorcycle because, like the NMG, it has two wheels up front and one in the back (sort of a reverse-trike concept).  The goal of the vehicle is to eliminate the need for both gasoline and oil "in a package that is affordable to buy, practical to use, fun to drive, and fun to be seen driving."  For $24,995, you can reserve your DUO now, which is said, by EarthTechling, to be available for ownership by next month.  It was supposed to be available last year, but production was stalled due to engineering changes, which Myers says "will make the DUO even better."  The company hopes the unique teardrop-style, no-rust chassis body system, two passenger seating, and oil- and gas-free engineering will be worth the added wait time.

Myers' Motors DUOMyers' Motors DUO

The two-passenger seating concept may seem like a drawback, but according to the company's site, two seats satisfy 9 out of 10 trips in the U.S.  Two-passenger seating also allows the car to be light enough that it can be charged at night from the existing electrical grid at standard 110 volt outlets (sans special chargers).  Of course, it's not designed for cross-country trips, but rather commuter, around-town travel.

According the Meyers Motors Blog, "The Car That Could," 10 patiently-waiting people have pre-ordered DUOs as of December 18, 2010.  Personally, if you're eager to get behind the driver's seat of this car, I would hold off on ordering.  The release date keeps getting pushed back, and the blog (who's author, Dana Meyers, didn't even shell out the cash for a domain name or take the time to appropriately upload photos) has only had a single post, which was back in December.  The site allows you to dish out almost $25,000 to reserve a vehicle that is only pictured in digitally-created graphics and lacks a complete description of specs.  However, when (or should I say "if") it does hit the streets, you're absolutely guaranteed to turn some heads with this little number.

DUO ("Doesn't Use Oil")DUO ("Doesn't Use Oil")

Source: Earth Techling and The Car That Could and Myers Motors