Duofertility: Fertility Patch Allows You To Monitor Basal Body Temperature

Traditional methods of monitoring basal body temperatures for couples who are trying to get pregnant are either invasive or kept under a strict schedule, which isn't always convenient and can result in missing out on the most fertile times to try for pregnancy. A new wearable gadget helps women receive accurate readings whenever and wherever.

With the Duofertility Monitor, basal body temperature is constantly measured through a patch under the arm but automatically transmits data to a portable device that can allow women to view up to 6 days of data on the device, or transfer the information to a computer. With this unique wearable gadget, women can tell when they're ovulating 24/7 and never have to miss out on a time to get their baby making on. The company's also so confident that they have the best fertility monitoring system out there, that they promise all women they'll be pregnant in 12 months or their money back!

Via: The Hottest Gadgets