Duracell MyGrid Charging Pad: One Gadget that Can Charge Four Devices At Once

One of the hassles when it comes to traveling is having to pack all of the chargers for your handheld and mobile devices, like your iPod, cellphone, iPad, to name a few. However, this doesn't apply only to travellers. Most people nowadays depend on a lot of electronic gadgets to stay in touch with friends and family as well as maintain relations with business contacts, and the tangled wires of the mountain of chargers on your nightstand is obviously not a welcome sight.

So here's Duracell's solution to all that wiry clutter: the MyGrid Charging Pad, which can charge up to four devices from a list that contains wide range of mobile devices, all in one neat contraption.

What It Is

The MyGrid Charging Pad is a flat cell that measures 2.4 x 9 x 8.8 inches and weighs 1.2 pounds. It consists of 12 metal strips where you're supposed to place your devices once they're in their respective Power Sleeves or Power Clips for charging.

Power Sleeves are cases that fit directly over your phone so that it will immediately start charging once you place it on the MyGrid. Power Clips are attachments which are fastened into a port on your device. These take into consideration the wide variety of devices there are and come with device tips for miniUSB, microUSB, and Nokia port devices.

How it Works

After you fasten the Power Clip or put your device in the Power Sleeve, then you're good to go. Simply plug in the MyGrid and place your gadgets on the metallic strips. The indicator light turns blue when your device is being charged.

When I first saw what the MyGrid looked like, I wondered what would happen if I were to touch the metal surface accidentally. Electrocution was the first thing that popped into mind. However, Duracell has installed a safety feature so that the device immediately powers off if your fingers or any object comes into contact with it.

What's in the Package

Here's the product information about the Duracell MyGrid Starter Kit from its manufacturer:

  • Contains 1 Duracell mygrid charge pad and 1 duracell power clip with device tips for miniUSB, microUSB and Nokia.
  • Works with BlackBerry, Motorola and Nokia
  • Contains 1 Duracell myGrid charge pad and 1 Duracell Power Clip with compatible tips for miniUSB power
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