Let the Sunshine In: Lightfacet Modular Window Blind and Room Divider


As further testimony to the inherent knack the Dutch have for interior design, Dutch design house Bloomming present a diamond-shaped hanging modular system that can function as either a room divider or window blind. 

Very appropriately titled, Lightfacet a hanging grid of star-like patterns whose individual diamond-shaped peices can be tweaked and turned to allow for varying degrees of light to be cast through. 

It touts a modular, "smart click" construction where the consumer can add or subtract to its overall size to fit any room or window, and it's constructed from an injection-molded, polycarbonate-ABS blend with a stainless steel frame.

It's been available for purchase since this past March, so contact Bloomming to bring a whole new 'facet' to your interior.

 Bloomming via Dezeen