DVR Sunglasses - A New Way To Record Porn?

Introducing a little gadget that could revolutionize the porn... uh... I mean spy industry: DVR Sunglasses.


 Sporting a storage rate of 4GB (sixteen hours) or storage space, these stylish shades allow you to record professional grade video and audio of... well, pretty much whatever you want.  The 1.3 Mega Pixel frame rate allows for vivid colors, while the microphone system supplies really clear audio for something of this size.  Playback of recorded video is achieved by hooking up to your PC or laptop.

What sort of scares me about these is how innocuous they look.  You can't even tell there's a camera in there!

I think this is really cool-but also an invitation to disaster.  Now... for security applications and such, I love this little device.  Since it is capable of holding so many hours of video, it would be an invaluable resource for keeping track of events-such as when some whack job launches himself out of a crowd of people to attack some famous politician.  The security guy wearing the glasses would have visual proof that the use of force was necessary in order to derail the attack.  It is a "ground zero" type of recording device.

And wearing these on a roller coaster would rock.  Or snow skiing.  Or recording a surgery (though why the doctor would be wearing shades is beyond me.  Maybe he's just plain cool).  Or...

Porn.  I'm not advocating this, by any means.  But porn is one of those markets that simply will never go away.  And spy gadgets of this nature could easily be integrated into that industry.  And the fact that the person on "the receiving end" wouldn't necessarily know that the glasses are actually a camera is the thing that disturbs me.

Want to ruin somebody's  reputation?  Well... there ya go.

Kind'a creepy.  Actually, more than kind'a creepy.  And the fact that my mind went directly to this thought is just plain ol' creepy.

I think I need a shower.  I feel all... I dunno... all yucky. You can get it at Amazon.

SOURCE: Advanced Intelligence
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Mar 16, 2009
by Anonymous


now i can get all those "hard to get" shots that i have been trying to do... its a little hard to be under someones lets between two people while they are updise down in reverse cowgirl.... hahaha im just playing... if you had sex in these though you would prolly look like a robot! so i totally want some!