DVR-BP Camcorder Pen Records Audio & Video, Even Writes!


We're not sure where you'd wear the DVR-BP sound & video camcorder pen from Digital Cowboy, but this handy-dandy minicam just might make those nerdy pocket protectors from the 50's popular again... well, maybe not, but since the DVR-BP actually does write when needed, chances are you'll be inking up a shirt pocket or two while toting it around. The 6-inch long DVR-BP features a hidden microphone, a pinhole video camera lens mounted unobtrusively just above the pen clip, and has a resolution of 352×288 pixels.

The sleek, stylish and undeniably good-looking device quickly and easily disassembles when it's time to upload your clandestine video through the integral USB connector - and with 2GB of onboard memory, the DVR-BP can run for up to two hours.



 Perfect for that important meeting you should be taking notes at, with a real pen (but that's just so 90's). The lower portion of the DVR-BP holds an ink cartridge and is tipped with a standard ball point. Just don't record while you write; a steady-cam it's not! Interested in the DVR-BP? It's not a toy and at ¥17,800 (about $170) it's not priced like one.

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