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DVR-BP Camcorder Pen Records Audio & Video, Even Writes!

This pen is mightier than the, er, penThis pen is mightier than the, er, pen
We're not sure where you'd wear the DVR-BP sound & video camcorder pen from Digital Cowboy, but this handy-dandy minicam just might make those nerdy pocket protectors from the 50's popular again... well, maybe not, but since the DVR-BP actually does write when needed, chances are you'll be inking up a shirt pocket or two while toting it around.

The 6-inch long DVR-BP features a hidden microphone, a pinhole video camera lens mounted unobtrusively just above the pen clip, and has a resolution of 352×288 pixels.

The sleek, stylish and undeniably good-looking device quickly and easily disassembles when it's time to upload your clandestine video through the integral USB connector - and with 2GB of onboard memory, the DVR-BP can run for up to two hours.

Perfect for that important meeting you should be taking notes at, with a real pen (but that's just so 90's). The lower portion of the DVR-BP holds an ink cartridge and is tipped with a standard ball point. Just don't record while you write; a steady-cam it's not!



Interested in the DVR-BP? It's not a toy and at ¥17,800 (about $170) it's not priced like one. You can order it online from the Digital Cowboy website, though it's recommended that you be able to read Japanese. Or you can do it the easy way and buy it here through Amazon.

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Steve Levenstein