Dynamically Augmenting Wheel System to Change the Way We Take Our Corners

When it comes right down to it, wheels are pretty much impossible to improve on. Sure, you can reduce their overall weight or have them specially made to match you project, but for the most part wheels have stayed the same for a very long time. The Dynamically Augmenting Wheel System or DAWS is out to change that.

The wheel itself is actually made up a several smaller pieces that are able to move independently. The theory behind the new wheels design is that during extreme cornering, the wheel will actually begin to deform to increase the turning force the vehicle is able to exert. This will of course come at the cost of acceleration.

You are only able to use 100% of the gripping power of your tires. When cornering and changing speed, different percentages are applied for both, always equaling 100% or less. This new wheel design is trying to beat the system by "pulling" the front of the car in the same direction as you are turning. While it seems logical, the total amount of traction would need to be greater than 100% for these to work effectively.

Top: DAWS During Normal Driving      Bottom: DAWS During Hard CorneringTop: DAWS During Normal Driving Bottom: DAWS During Hard Cornering

Aside from being very hard to make them work effectively, they would also not provide a very comfortable ride or last as long as a normal wheel, which as far as I know could last a lifetime, assuming they are taken care of properly. The design would also be expensive to produce and maintain.

This isn't to say our wheels of today cannot be improved, but this specific device is not the answer.

Yanko Design

May 17, 2009
by Anonymous

Markets for DAWS

Id try these:

Aston Martin
Chevy Vette?
Ford Mustang
Police squad cars
US Secret Service support vehicles.
Race cars- Formula 1, SeBring, LeMans.

Love to try these refitted to a 1980s Porsche 928 coupe.
Or Ferrari 456 coupe.

Must for Movie stunt driving use IE Bonds new Aston Martin has DAWS.