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The new shoe from E-Ink is feeding the "inner Cinderella" that haunts most women; that is, the need for many different shoes of diverse colors, not because of a love for rainbows but rather because they are needed to match just as many outfits. (Handbags and belts that fill that same need are the reason walk-in closets were born.)


The Volverii Shoe: Source: SlashgearThe Volverii Shoe: Source: Slashgear


What is E-Ink and how does it work?

E-Ink is not new to the marketplace. its potential remains largely untapped, although its broadest usage so far has been with e-readers, the E-Ink Yoda Phone, the E-Ink Multi-Card and even E-Ink itself.

Although this may sound like it comes straight out of the works of H.P. Lovecraft,  electronic or electrophoretic ink  is a simple synthesis of chemistry, physics and electronics. It is similar to paper in that it uses the same pigments as the mdern printing industry. Comprised of millions of tiny microcapsules about the diameter of a human hair, each one is positively charged with white particles and negatively charged with black ones, both of which are suspended in a clear fluid.

The surface can be either black or white, depending on a positive or negative field. Selected particles move to the top of the microcapsule where they are visible to the naked eye. E-Ink technology is bistable, which means that even if the power source is removed, any image on an E-Ink screen will be retained. It saves energy as the display is only consuming power while charging is in progress.


Volverii Shoe Display: Source: iShuu TechnologiesVolverii Shoe Display: Source: iShuu Technologies


The Volverii Shoe

iShuu Technologies, a new Lithuania-based start-up cpmpany that seeks funding, has created a working prototype to compete for the Louis Vuitton Prize. The Volverii shoe has a flexible electronic paper display, Bluetooth LE module and a battery with wireless charging inside. The technology allows the wearer, via a smartphone, to change the color of the shoe between white or black, or shades in between as well as any pattern under the sun from polka dots to flowers.

Many customization options are available, both physical and digital. Accesories, such as a flower or a bow, can be attached to anchors on the top and back of the heel and an ankle strap can be added to the back if desired. The sole contains another wireless module, which permits the wearer to alter the shoe display without cables. Charging is only required every few weeks because E-Ink utilizes so little power. The shoe can also reflect patterns or solid colors, and can match any outfit in any closet.

The future of the Volverii shoe

E-Ink technology and its many applications may well revolutionize shopping budgets. Time will tell on the Volverii's staying power, but without question, its creation marks a new attitude in both shoes and ...closet space.

Closing thoughts on shoes:

For women shoes are the most important. Good shoes take you good places. ~ Seo Min Hyun

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