Samsung's New Galaxy TAb 4 NOOK Can Help Get Your Kids Reading More

Inspiring and encouraging kids to read has always been a challenge. And in the world of digital games and videos and so many other fun distractions, the challenge is even greater.

Inspiring kids to read from an early age and keeping kids reading into adulthood is a daunting challenge. Leveraging some of  the features that the latest gadgets have to offer can help make reading easier and more fun for kids and help make meeting that challenge easier.  The new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK is a new device that can help your kids read and inspire them to read more. 

Reading For Pleasure Has Far-Reaching Benefits
For Kids

It is common wisdom that reading is essential to surviving and flourishing in our modern world. Now that so much of  the information people need to live life is digital and most of our communication takes place digitally, over the web, through emails and text based messaging systems, the ability to read quickly and to comprehend well is becoming ever more important.  It is widely reported that  reading is one of the most critical factors to success in life.  Reading seems to have a direct relationship with intellectual development in children, so encouraging children to read as much as possible is crucial in helping kids grow and succeed.

Leverage New Technologies Especially Designed For Reading

Samsung recently integrated the already great reading experience of the traditional e-reader NOOK (with its nice color display and easy reading in low and bright light) with Samsung’s leading-edge tablet technology to provide many of the best features of both.  With the Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 NOOK® , you get a small 7 inch, lightweight,  easy to use tablet that is designed for a great reading experience for less than $200.  With many of the functions and features of a tablet, combined with the usefulness and content offerings of an Barnes & Noble's e-reader, the new NOOK tablet offers a compelling package of features and functionality at a very compelling price.

The NOOK Can Be Adapted To The Needs Of Your Child

Using technology like tablet e-readers can really help kids read better. One reason is that  unlike with printed books,  e-readers can be adapted to each child's specific reading needs. For example, if you have a  child  that needs larger font or less lines per page in order to improve their reading ability, e-readers like the NOOK tablet are perfectly suited to this kind of tailoring. E-readers are adaptable for students with advanced abilities or learning disabilities as well, and can help customize the reading experience for children who learn differently.

In addition, a great feature of the new NOOK is that with NOOK Profiles,  you can use their Multi-User Mode to  set customizations and save them for everyone in the family.  This way, every family member can create a personalized space to keep what they want separate from others. 

The NOOK Can Help Kids Find And Choose What They Want To  Read

Letting children have choices in their reading material goes a long way in creating a desire in children to read and raising lifelong readers. Kids who choose what they read, regardless of whether it's a novel, a comic book, or a magazine, are more engaged with what they are reading and more likely to retain the information. Helping them choose age-appropriate books on topics that interest them can spark a passion for reading. E-readers like the NOOK provide entire libraries of options at the touch of the screen, giving kids access to more options than ever before, making it easier for parents to help them find the story that gives them that toehold into the world of reading.

With over 3 million books, with new titles added every day, plus thousands of popular magazines and newspapers from around the world, the NOOK offers lots of options for your kids. When you're not reading, the NOOK also allows you to choose from popular movies and tv shows. Plus, get the latest and greatest apps to match your every interest, and a huge collection of digital comics from DC Comics, Marvel and more.

The NOOK Provide Parents With Supervision And Control 

Thanks to parental control apps in most tablets and e-readers, kids can have a safe spaces for reading without parents worrying about what they might come across online. Parents are able to choose what their children can access, as well as how long they can do different activities with timer features. This eliminates the fight over starting a new activity or taking turns with a sibling. It's easy to set up  screen time to a set amount.  The NOOK  also allow parents the ability to monitor what their children have accessed, and keep track of what the child has read or what apps they have used.

What is also a great feature to help parents is that if you have questions or problems using the NOOK, you can just pop into a Barnes & Nobles. The stores are there to support you in using your NOOK. 

The NOOK Is Designed To Be Cool And Appealing To Kids

A huge factor in making reading appealing to kids is that E-tablets like the NOOK are cool and visually appealing.  With a well-designed display screen, and user friendly layout and design, the NOOK is simply a fun gadget for kids to use and play with. It's also smaller and lighter than a traditional tablet which is helpful with small hands.  Since kids now expect to get information and entertainment from electronic devices, reading from e-tablets like the NOOK will appeal to kids. For parents, having access to the latest state of the art technology designed by countless professionals to make reading enjoyable and easy may be a big help in getting your kids using the NOOK and enjoying reading.

In the effort to get your kids reading as much as possible, a device specifically created for reading may help you get your kids reading and reading more. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK is definitely worth considering as your go to reading device.