E-Traces Allows Dancers To Create Visual Strokes Through Their Movements


Slip on E-Traces ballet shoes, dance and don't forget to watch your lines--and with E-Traces you'll be literally watching those lines. You'll be able to see them appear on your smart phone or device as you had performed the movements of your dance.

E-Traces Ballet ShoesE-Traces Ballet Shoes

Lesia Trubat Gonzalez designed these ballet shoes. E-Traces incorporate sensors in ballet shoes, and those sensors map a dancers movements in a series of artistic strokes. These artistic strokes are reminiscent of Chinese water colored calligraphy.

With E-Traces, Gonzalez wanted to utilize technology to capture dance movements and turn the movements themselves, not necessarily the dancer or the music, into visual art.  The sensors in E-Traces measure pressure with the ground and movement and send those signals to an electronic device.

E-Traces On Smart PhoneE-Traces On Smart Phone

A special app on your smart phone or other device will then let you see your movements. You can even customize what you see (colors, effects, etc). You can also view the movements in a video or in still images (you can print those images as well. 

Of course this sort of technology is another way to express movement artistically, but it will also allow dancers to be critical of their lines. They will be able to analyze their movements and compare them to other dancers' movements--a sort of video analysis tool. 

This technology can be extrapolated to other dance disciplines, and who knows, maybe soon other sports will pick up on it. Perhaps it will allow a quarterback to analyze his three-step drop or a basketball player practice his footwork on a step-back jumper. 

For more information on E-Traces, check out Gonzalez's website. And check out the video below for a taste of what E-Traces can do.