E1pc Electric Superbike Headed for Zero-Emissions eGrandPrix

As soon as electrically powered cars began entering the professional racing leagues, we knew it was only a matter of time until they started lining up in the 2-wheeled world as well. With the unveiling of the Motoczysz E1pc, it seems as though that time has arrived.

The E1pc is unmistakably a superbike. Designed and built by Michael Czysz, the E1pc is the second zero emissions sportbike, after the C1, expected to run in the TTXGP Zero-Emission eGrandPrix. The C1 sadly didn't get to see a MotoGp race, which is something Czysz plans not to repeat with the E1pc.

Three individual motors provide power for the bike, while an array of 10 separate battery units are responsible for keeping a healthy supply of electrons going to said motors. Each of the modules will be able to be swapped quickly in case of failure. According to the designer, it will be able to reach 120mph in seven or eight seconds, which puts it into GSX-1000 territory.

Among the list of interesting features on the new superbike, the iPod connectivity is easily the most intriguing. The E1pc was engineered to use its iPod interface as the electric cycle's gauges and information center. No word on what all data will be available for the rider, but a speedometer and tachometer are safe bets.

How well will the E1pc do in the eGrandPrix? Only the checkered flag will tell.

Hell for Leather

Jul 14, 2009
by Anonymous

Zero Emission Motorcycle You Can Actually Buy

That thing is awesome. Looks amazing, pretty damn quick too. BUT, it's a superbike that you can't own. Do they have any plans to produce them for consumers? I know the Brammo Enertia www.brammo.com you can actually buy… at Best Buy nevertheless.