E3 2014: If You Want To Be A Couch Potato On Your PC, This Keyboard's Just The Ticket

I'm pretty happy with my current setup. I've an office for my PC, and a living room for the rest of my video games. That's how it's always been for me, and I'm pretty content with it. Not everyone shares that opinion, of course - there are plenty of people who, if they could manage a comfortable solution, would spend all their time on the couch - whether computing or no. Roccat's Sova might allow people to do just that.

Given the concerted push so many manufacturers have been making to push PC gaming into the living room, it's kinda surprising that more products like this don't surface with much more frequency. It seems like something for which there'd be a great deal of demand, doesn't it? 

Perhaps I'm just crazy. 

Unveiled this week at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Sovva is an elegant combination tray-table/keyboard, designed to make couch-top computing a total breeze. Your keyboard is installed on one side of the mat, with space for you to rest your wrists; on the other side, there's a spacious and extensible mouse-pad. The setup even includes a clip for a smartphone, a removable battery pack, and a pair of USB ports. Sweet, right?

Unfortunately, there's no price yet listed for the Sova - nor a release date. It's still very much in development at the moment.  Those of you who think you might be interested in picking one up for yourself can still visit the website and leave some feedback on the product.

My guess is it'll end up being an affordable alternative to products like the Couchmaster or the Cohesion XP 112. Either way, it looks pretty cool...even if it's not the most innovative thing ever created.

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