Eagle Phone Spreads Its Touchable Wings

From designer Eugene Kim comes the Eagle Phone, a new model he hopes LG will purchase and help take flight.


A recent entrant into the LG American electronic design competition, Kim has created a new concept phone that takes advantage of touch screen technology and attempts to mimic the image of an eagle in flight when opened.


Kim decided that he might as well make use of touch screen technology wherever he could, and created a phone in which no surface goes to waste. When the phone is folded in on itself, a small gap is crated between the panels, owing to the distinctive “V” that the Eagle needs to have in order to achieve “the look” when the phone is opened and flipped.


If the “inner” part of the phone is used, it operates as a normal mobile, complete with keypad and standard visual display. It is the outside of the phone, however, that lets the design really shine.

When the phone is flipped so that the “V” points down and its Eagle namesake becomes apparent, the real genius of Kim comes into play. He’s grafted two touch screens onto the back surface of the Eagle – you know, where the feathers would go - complete with a set of buttons on each side for more precise control. The unique design essentially means that no space is wasted – every bit of the phone is covered in either buttons or screens, but the Eagle still manages to retain a certain sleekness.


Just like the original biological format – useful, and slick.


LG hasn’t selected Kim’s design as a finalist or winner just yet, and we foresee a number of problems, beginning with the lack of complete closure when the phone is closed. That bit of space means that objects, bugs, or fingers could get jammed in there, possibly just being painful and possibly limiting the use of the phone.

Your finger: Don't stick it in there.Your finger: Don't stick it in there.


And while the phone seems incredibly versatile, it might be just a little too versatile – having the phone be touchable on all surfaces practically guarantees that you’ll touch something you don’t want to at the worst possible time.


Still, you go Kim. Soar.


Source: Tuvie

Aug 26, 2010
by Anonymous

Common problem for me

*sigh* I'm always touching something I don't really want to touch at the wrong time.