Ear Warmers That Swing And Ring: Bluetooth Ear Muffs


Need a holiday gift for winter walkers, runners, hikers, or other outdoors-people? What about a pair of ear muffs with audio speakers or a Bluetooth wireless speaker?  How about one gadget that performs all three functions?


Wireless Speaker Ear Muffs: image via hammacherschlemmer.comWireless Speaker Ear Muffs: image via hammacherschlemmer.com


Many of us listen to music as we walk or run so we can maintain our rhythm. Personally, I love to listen to books while I walk because I get so little time to actually read them. So a speaker system that actually keeps your ears warm would be a great gift for me!

But with the Wireless Speaker Ear Warmers connected to your smart phone - iPhone or Android - you can listen to your favorite music or books and still be able to answer your phone, ears warmed and hands free!

The crisp sound amplified by the earphones is not muffled in the slightest by the soft insulation cushioning and providing warmth to your ears.  A USB charger is provided and the charge can last up to 9 hours.  

The comfort of the Wireless Speaker Ear Warmers is assured with a design that sits near the back of the head, not interfering with eyeglasses or even messing your hairdo.  These high tech muffs are available with a lifetime guarantee from Hammacher Schlemmer.