Earn International Renown For Your Product In The iF Design Awards!

If you’ve created an awesome product, there isn’t a greater way to earn showcase it for the European market than winning one of the many iF Design Awards!

The iF Design Awards are a German-based award show where the year’s most superior products submitted from manufacturers of all sizes from around the world receive the iF label. Any product bearing the coveted iF label is an incredible product all around, and it is definitely a badge of honor for both you and your invention.

Luckily, the iF Design Awards accepts a wide range of goods, including transportation design and special vehicles, leisure and lifestyle, audio and video, telecommunications, computers, office and business, lighting, living room and bedroom, kitchen, household and tableware, bathroom and wellness, buildings, public design, medicine and health care, industry and skilled trades, material + textiles + wall and floor, as well as research/development and professional concepts, but you can always click here for a more detailed listing of what each category encompasses.

But why should you go through the trouble of paying a 250 Euro fee to enter your product to the iF Design Awards? Winners get the right to use the iF Label seal to place on the product’s packaging to showcase how brilliant it is, and their award winning product will be on display at the iF Design exhibition in Hamburg, Germany. Gold iF winners also get to attend and accept a special award at a swanky design party in Munich, their products will be extensively presented in the yearly if Design Yearbook, as well as continuous support from iF’s press and PR teams. The talented inventors who win iF awards are definitely poised to storm the European market and beyond!

Ready to rock Germany for the ultimate series of awards and accolades with your designs? Then click here to learn more about the iF Design Awards and to enter your product into the running. You have until October 25th, so get moving, Inventors!

Source: iF Design Awards