Earth Burger Features Crusty Blue Buns & A Fried Chicken Core

Feed the world? More like feed ON the world! The Orbi Yokohama cafe's “Blue Burger”, a nature-themed entree that looks unnaturally weird, features a crispy fried chicken filet sandwiched between a bun dyed blue, green & brown to match the Earth's oceans and continents. 

For those unaware, Orbi Yokohama is a collaborative venture between SEGA and BBC Earth. Opened in August of 2013, the supercharged entertainment facility “fuses BBC Earth's world-leading nature content with SEGA's cutting edge technology to bring people closer to nature than they ever imagined.”

Nice... and guaranteed to work up one's appetite. Good thing there's a cafe on the second floor overlooking the attractions!

The Orbi Yokohama cafe conforms to the overall aesthetic by offering an original, nature-themed menu, the highlight of which has to be the 470-yen (about $4.75) Blue Burger.

While not especially large as burgers go – it's NOT a small world after all – the Blue Burger doesn't skimp on the garnishes which include fresh lettuce, teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise.

As for those brilliant blue buns, they may feature the continents in green, brown, some murky combination of the two, or even no “land” at all – Water World on a plate, hold the Kevin Costner.

Don't bother asking how the buns are dyed, by the way, all staff at the cafe will say is that they're “edible”. Not exactly reassuring but when blue food is on the menu, SOP is to pay first and don't ask questions later.

So, if blue buns are your thing or if you've got a hunger for world exploration, head on over to Orbi Yokohama's cafe and place your order for a Blue Burger or two.

Visitors are advised to “planet” in advance, however, as only a limited number of blue buns are baked fresh daily and the popular menu item sells out quickly. (images via RadioNippon, Kakaku Magazine, Yattar Japan, Shobylogy, and Delicious)