Earth Aid: Business Pays You To Save Money By Going Green

There are tons of company out there that sell energy monitoring products to help you reduce your energy consumption and make your home that much greener, but so far there only seems to be one that pays you to save money.

Earth Aid works by helping individual homes monitor their energy usage like many other companies out there; but they go beyond by selling off energy reductions on the carbon credit market. Although this has been common practice for many big conglomerates through purchase of carbon offsets from eco-friendly companies like Terrapass and NativeEnergy, this is the first time such a service has been made available to the average homeowner.

It may sound too good to be true, that a company can pay you for saving money on your utility bills and other household expenses; but that's exactly what eco-friendly business Earth Aid does. Once you reduce your energy consumption by using their monitoring kit, they will take your energy savings, sell them off on the carbon credit market annually, and put the money right back in your pocket. Pretty good, huh?

Sep 24, 2009
by Anonymous

My Emissions Exchange

Hey Beth, I work for which launched around the same time as Earth Aid, and we have a similar (we think better!) program to theirs. At this point, Earth Aid has moved on to providing "Rewards Points" for their users, while we continue to incentivize our users with direct payments via PayPal. Please check out our site and feel free to shoot me and email to discuss - I'd love to see a post about My Emissions Exchange up on InventorSpot!


Marissa Miraval