Earth Friendly Mother's Day Gift Idea Sure To Leave a Giant Impression

If your mom loves roses, I mean if she really loves roses, and you want to make a lasting impression with your gift this year send her a bouquet of the world's tallest roses sold at Organic Bouquet. These giant roses could just prove to her how much you understand her love for roses and put you on the list as her favorite child. Come on, you know you're aiming for favorite child.

How tall are the world's largest roses? These beautiful organically grown roses, which bloom to 3-4 inches in diameter, grow 5+ feet in height. They can be found growing in a family farm between two volcanoes in Ecuador at more than 9,600 ft. Each plant makes about six to seven long stems. To reach this incredible height they need several months to grow. They will also set you back about $200 and some to buy. Is your mom worth it?

Is the environment worth it too? There is more to these giant roses than their beauty and amazing height, They come from a family farm, owned by father and son Roberto and Jon Nevado, that is known for its environmentally friendly practices and fair trade ethics. To be environmentally friendly the Nevado farm does such things as: recycle the water they use, clean water with water cleaning plants, turns plant waste into mulch, wards off pest with plants (ex. chamomile) or other bugs (ex. spiders that eat pest spiders) and so on.

In addition to running an earth friendly business the farm's fair trade practice allow workers to do such things as: use free daycare for their children. Also the use of pesticides are forbidden, organic honey (produced on the farm) is added to employee meals for extra nutrition and workers are paid a living wage.

Unfortunately, to get you hands or your moms hand on a bouquet of these tall organically grown roses you need to sign up to the waiting list. Not surprisingly, these roses are in high demand and as of now are sold on a first come first serve basis.

Find out more about these giant roses on this PBS video.

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