From Earth Shoes To Carbon Footprints, Earth Day Accesses Social Media

The Earth Day Network and Proctor & Gamble are collaborating on social networks to motivate the digerati to lessen their environmental impact on the planet. With the launch of the Billion Acts of Green™ Facebook and iPhone applications, friends, family and followers are being asked to issue pledges of at least one  "act of green" and share it with their Facebook network.

The Facebook application can be accessed on the Earth Day Network page.

The iPhone application can be found on iTunes or on the iPhone App Store .

You can also go directly to Billion Acts of Green™ Web site and make your pledge there. At the time of this posting over 5 million 'acts of green' had been pledged.

The Billion Acts of Green™ program is meant to show how individual and collective actions can help lower carbon emissions and make improvements on behalf of the planet," said Kathleen Rogers, President of Earth Day Network.  "We are driving this program through the use of social media to help educate people about how their actions in the home can make a real difference.

Pledges can range from tree plantings to large-scale light bulb switch-out campaigns, home energy efficiency retrofits, school greenings and water projects. All are geared to bringing people together to lower the world's carbon footprint. They are run in conjunction with community organizations, national, regional and local governments worldwide, actions include broad-based participation by diverse cultures and ethnicities, faith-based organizations, seniors and a worldwide college campus campaign.

The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 was when being earth friendly meant wearing earth shoes and eating brown bread. Granted, Americans were focused on other things, like the Kent State shootings, Apollo 13, the invention of fiber optics and the Beatles' last album. Today, on its 40th Anniversary, the new millennium's social media access allows us all to make commitments large and small in a much more authentic way by reaching out to the people that trust us - as a result of our interaction with them via social networks.

Here's hoping those 5 million pledges at least quadruple by April 22. 

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Apr 19, 2010
by Anonymous

So many Earth Day App

Its crazy to see that there are over 50 Earth Day applications in honor of Earth Day's 40th anniversary this year. As far as I am concerned, everyday is Earth Day, and I hope that message gets spread this year. For its 40th Anniversary, it still has a Looooong way to go! Sad, but true!

- Maurizio Maranghi -

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle