Earthquake Survival Tshirt: Poking Fun At The Canadian Earthquake Buzz!

Yeah, yeah, okay, we get it already - you're tired of hearing about that earthquake that rocked much of Ontario and Quebec in Canada and parts of the United States. West Coasters have been rolling their eyes at all the online buzz about this earthquake that wouldn't even have gotten media attention in an area that's positioned along the fault-line responsible for some of the most devastating earthquakes in North American history. Well, we'd like to buzz about it just a little more, if you don't mind.

Toronto Quake TeeToronto Quake Tee

The 5.0 earthquake that had Canadians and Americans shaking in their boots this week was heard about around the world because of all the buzz online, and of course, this had many people rolling their eyes at so much hype for a little earth rattle. Well, it was a 5.0 okay? 5.0 out of 7, and we're pretty darn lucky to be alive, if you ask us...not that any of you naysayers did. We will shut up about our brush with death inflicted by Mother Nature, but instead, we might just have to make the circumstance into a hilarious fashion statement.

What do you think?

Via: Toronto Life

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